Why should I become a mentor?


1. Being a mentor bridges the generation gap.  It will help you stay hip and keep up with the times.

2. It will get you to stop thinking about yourself all the time.

3. Being a mentor can help you redefine your own career path and goals.

4.  By acting as a mentor, you set the tone of your industry.

4.  Pay it Forward.  Chances are you can identify someone who helped you in your education and your career.  Having a mentor is associated with improved job satisfaction, positive career plans, quicker promotions, and a greater probability that the mentee will eventually become a mentor themselves.

5. You have the potential to change a young person’s life.

6.  Make a change in your community.

Mentoring, at its core, helps young people to feel like they matter. When they are mentored, our Scholars can see that there is someone who cares about them and feel assured that they do not have to be alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people across their personal, academic, and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity. Yet one-in-three young people will grow up without this critical asset.

According to the National Mentoring Partnership, when young adults considered at-risk are mentored, they are:

  • 55% more likely to enroll in college

  • 78% more likely to volunteer regularly

  • 90% are interested in becoming a Mentor

  • 130% more likely to hold leadership positions